About Coach Enio

Enio Sacilotto is an Internationally renowned professional hockey coach, mental trainer and team building expert in addition a teacher, public speaker, workshop facilitator of 36 years. Coaching stops include professional leagues in Italy, Switzerland, England, Denmark, Norway and Croatia. Most recently Enio worked with the Victoria Royals of the Western Hockey League and the Croatian Senior Men’s National Team at the 2017 World Championships. He has lead his teams to numerous championships and top levels in the standings. Enio is the founder of International Ice Hockey Systems Inc. (1982) who operates hockey camps and Mental Training Seminars around the world.

Enio has worked with athletes and coaches at all ages and levels. He puts heart and passion in his teaching and his primary goal is to help individuals and
organizations reach a higher level.

Enio’s warm personality and exceptional people skills help him to captivate any audience and makes him is easy to work with. You and everyone he comes to contact with will entertained and inspired. Enio will discuss your needs and will provide you with a detailed action plan that will enable you to reach your goals whether it is for an individual athlete an athletic team or for your corporation. Call +1 604 255 4747 or email enio@coachenio.com Enio today to get started on planning your success!

Mental Training

Will work with your teams and individuals to bring them to the next level. Topics include: 8 Powers, Value Clarification, Goal setting, Visualization, Affirmations and much more.

Team Building

Will create a culture that will maximize performance. Included: How Teams Work, Team Building Games and Activities, Creating the 8 Pillars of Success, how to get everyone committed to the organization.

On Ice Skill & Team Training

Innovative Drills and teaching techniques that will maximize improvement in your players.

Coach Development & Consulting

One on one consulting, group mentoring and assisting with all areas of coaching. Coaching Presentations include: Teaching Techniques, PP, PK, Offensive and Defensive Systems plus much more.

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