Advanced Hockey Agility Training

By Dan Garnerm from n this article, I’m going to show you the next thing you need to do in order to start taking your explosive speed, high-velocity direction change, and overall agility performance to the next level. You will also get a sample hockey agility workout, so buckle in! What Is Hockey Agility?… Read More >

A Grudge Is A Heavy Thing To Carry

Harvey Mackay’s Weekly Nationally Syndicated Column While visiting with a friend over coffee one morning, a young woman complained, “Every time my husband and I get into an argument, he gets historical!” The friend interrupted, “Don’t you mean hysterical?” “No, I mean historical,” the young woman replied. “He always brings up the past.” Her husband… Read More >

Drive the Net / Protect the Puck

1.  1 pivots backwards, exchanges pass with 2, steps up, exchanges more pass with 2, pivots to the wall and receives the last pass then drives to the net. 2.  3 waits in the middle of the ice then angles across on 1 to make physical contact with him. 1 must absorb contact while protecting… Read More >

The Mental Edge Training Seminar

Most coaches, parents and athletes spend countless hours working on technical skills and physical fitness preparation for their sport and ignore the mental side of sports preparation! It is scientifically proven that athletes that master the mental skills, outperform the athletes that don’t! How many times have you heard the term, “the game is 95%… Read More >

Pat’s D quick up Drill

D starts at red (opposite sides at same time), goes forward, pivots backward, takes a pass from F3 (1), F3 goes forward and opens up, D pivots forward, takes a few steps and passes to (2) F3, F3 goes and shoots.  D then sprints (quick feet) to the other side (just past centre), pivots backwards,… Read More >

Find F3 – Pass & Shoot Drill

1 skates down wall, can use backhand, finds 3 (in game F3), 3 shoots, 1 comes back up wall, gets a pass from 2, fakes inside to wally turns outside, finds 3 for 2nd shot, pivots backwards, gets 2nd pass from 2, while going backwards finds 3, passes to 3 then goes to net.  3… Read More >

Nashville Shooting Drill

Both ends at the same time on the whistle.  D up top of circle, pivot backwards, pick up puck as spotted from next D in line.  D1 hits F1 on the wall, F1 passes or chips puck to F2 who supports from under.  F2 goes down and shoots, F1 follows up for a rebound /… Read More >

Skating Imagery (part 2 of 2)

By Robby Glantz, In PART 1 we gave a first glance of our ideas on how to use “skating imagery” to improve your play. The goal of learning skating imagery is to get you to a point where you can practice skating on your own and be able to draw pictures in your mind… Read More >

Hockey Officials: They Deserve Respect!

Never underestimate the power of hockey officials! By Allyson Tufts I’m the mom of a goalie, and I’ve always felt that one of the toughest positions in hockey was being a goaltender. As the last line of defense, you cannot hide your mistakes and people always let you know that. Whether it’s the body language… Read More >

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