International Hockey Camps

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The Mental Edge Training Seminar

Most coaches, parents and athletes spend countless hours working on technical skills and physical fitness preparation for their sport and ignore the mental side of sports preparation! It is scientifically proven that athletes that master the mental skills, outperform the athletes that don’t! How many times have you heard the term, “the game is 95%… Find Out More >

Creating Offense Camp

Every team at every level of hockey today want to play with the puck and at a high pace. The modern game has become about puck possession, protecting the puck, evasive moves, passing, shooting and scoring.  At the Creating Offense Camp you will learn the skills that will allow you to play with the puck… Find Out More >

Dynamic Skating & Puck Skills Camp

Hockey is really two sports in one, skating and stick skills. Most coaches can agree that the key to a great hockey player is to be a great skater. The Dynamic Skating Camp we will build on your areas of strength and help you correct your weaknesses. You will develop powerful edges, learn to utilize… Find Out More >

Forwards Camp

The main job for forwards is to score goals! This is done by maintaining possession of the puck through puckhandling, passing and creating opportunities to shoot the puck! A forward’s second job is to forecheck and backcheck to gain possession of the puck. One of the first hockey camps dedicated to hockey forwards you will… Find Out More >

Small Area Games & Battle Camp

When one speaks to coaches or hockey talent evaluators at all levels they often speak about how competitive a player is. Does he go to the difficult areas, is he first on loose pucks, does he win small area battles? The Small Area Games & Battle Camp will teach you the necessary skating techniques and… Find Out More >

Defensemen Camp

Playing defense on team is a very specialized position with very specific skills that coaches seldom get a chance to work on. Being a defensemen is one of the hardest positions to master. At this camp you will get an opportunity to work specific defenseman drills geared to improve your skating, puckhandling, passing, shooting and… Find Out More >

Bantam, Midget & Junior Prep Camp

Bantam, Midget & Junior Camp is a camp designed specifically to help players prepare for their upcoming season. The camp will work on your skills and on your conditioning to get you “game ready” for any tryout camp that you are going to attend. You will experience a variety of innovative drills that will work… Find Out More >

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